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The much appreciated National Library of Medicine Specialized Information Service (NLM-SIS) operational support for Healthy Roads Media to disseminate free multilingual resources via the web has come to an end. There is ongoing planning by NLM-SIS to address the need for web-based multilingual health information through Health Reach which is now up and running.

Some free Healthy Roads Media materials (handouts, audio and streaming web-videos) are still available HERE as well as on the new Health Reach website.

Healthy Roads Media (HRM) continues to work with many organizations to develop and disseminate multilingual health information resources. Please contact Healthy Roads Media with any questions or if you are interested in developing materials for use in your organization.

Also, please visit the Healthy Roads Media Store for many free and low-cost multilingual health information materials. Resources continue to be added all the time!

The Healthy Roads Media Store
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Healthy Roads Media Store

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Healthy Roads Media provides these materials for educational use only .
They should not be used as a diagnosis or substitute for medical advice.
If you have questions or concerns about your health, a medical professional should be contacted.